Blog 2_18_11

Mosquitoes bite dogs, cats, and horses as much as they bite humans. Dogs can get West Nile disease and heartworms from mosquitoes, which are both serious and sometimes fatal diseases. While heartworm medications are good preventive measures to take for dogs, it’s also best to make an effort to avoid exposing your dog to mosquitoes on a year-round basis. There are a number of mosquito species that live through the winter in hidden places. At the first sign of warmer weather, the females begin to feed. The awakened pests come out in full force to look for blood. To help prevent the spread of these hungry pests, try the following as some ways to help keep them away from your pets:

  • Avoid and clean up standing water where mosquitoes breed. Just because you can’t see mosquitoes doesn’t mean they aren’t present. Controlling your environment is always important.
  • Protect your dogs and cats by keeping them indoors and protected from mosquitoes during peak mosquito feeding periods around sunrise and sunset.
  • Consider screening in backyard areas like porches, pools, and patios if you live in a place where the mosquito population is high.
  • Use Tickkillz from Natural Repellents, LLC, for pet-friendly mosquito control. Help protect your pets from heartworms and other mosquito-borne diseases with an eco-friendly product.