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Ticks latch on to living things in order to get the blood they want for their food, but in the process of sucking blood, they can transmit Lyme disease. The symptoms of Lyme disease are unpleasant and serious, so you want to prevent ticks from coming into your backyard as much as possible. It’s also true that ticks cause a number of potential health risks including irritated skin, fever, aches, and rashes. Ticks can live in nicely manicured lawns as much as they thrive in thick woods and overgrown bushes. In some states, the tick population is on the rise, so the following are some tips to keep your family and lawn safe:

Mow Grass to the Right Height.
Ticks hide in the deep grass so it helps to keep your lawn mowed short enough so that they can’t hide. Keeping your yard on the short side attracts natural tick predators.

Avoid Overwatering Your Lawn.
As ticks are attracted to wet areas, an overly watered lawn encourages them to make their homes in moist areas.

Protect your Lawn & Home with a Safe Tick Control.Every spring and fall it helps to use an all-natural tick and mosquito control like Tickkillz from Natural Repellents, LLC, for safe tick control.

Keep Your Yard Neat.
Clear away debris like piles of lumber, brick, stones, brush, excessive leaf litter, and tall weeds throughout the season to eliminate potential tick habitats.