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Rely on our affordable all natural tick and mosquito control for optimal protection of everyone in your entire household, including your pets. Our pet safe pesticides do not harm animals whether they are inside your house or outside on your property. Using Tickkillz from Natural Repellents, LLC, is a safe, successful and less damaging way to deal with pests than using toxic chemicals.

You’ll find that you don’t need chemicals with additives to stay in control of the pests in your yard. Our products are effective long after they have been added to the environment. Our goal is to ensure you are able to successfully manage the pests that interfere with the quality of life for your family and visitors. Try our safe tick control for an eco-friendly, effective, and efficient way to stop harmful pests from reproducing on your property. Enjoy peace of mind when you and your loved ones are outside and know that you are protected from ticks and mosquitos.

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