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About Us

About Tick Killz

Tick Killz is the best natural mosquito and tick repellent for your yard. It is used by hundreds of professional landscapers and pest control experts as well as do-it-yourselfers who prefer to spray their yard themselves.  Tick Killz is the primary product of a company called Natural Repellents.

Natural Repellents, LLC was created in 2012 by a team of environmentally conscious individuals who came from diverse backgrounds. Those backgrounds included 25+ years in each of the following sectors: Consumer Health Products, Landscape Management and the Sciences. The collective vision for creating Natural Repellents, LLC, and developing the flagship brand Tick Killz, was to provide a natural, non-toxic alternative to the existing chemicals used to control and repel a wide range of nuisance insects.

There are arguably many nuisance insects we could  have focused our attention on, however, we decided our initial focus would be ticks and mosquitoes because these particular insects can carry and transmit very harmful diseases to people and animals; such as Lyme Disease, Powassan Virus, Babesiosis, Zika Virus, West Nile and Malaria, along with many others.

Our mission is to have a meaningful and measurable impact on the number of people and pets that could be potentially exposed to or affected by these insects by creating the best natural mosquito and tick repellent for your yard. In addition, our mission is to have a meaningful impact on the amount of harmful toxins being used in our environment, thereby reducing the exposure our families, loved ones and pets have to harmful health issues. Some of the many health issues that have been scientifically linked to chemical pesticides over the past decade include cancer, neurological disorders, auto-immune diseases and gastrointestinal and digestive disorders. We are committed to shaping needed change for those affected by vector borne diseases through ongoing education and healthcare reform.

After developing many different product formulations and conducting extensive internal lab and external field testing, we launched Tick Killz in June of 2013. Tick Killz is a unique blend of essential oils and other All Natural ingredients that will help you safely protect your family, pets and loved ones. Tick Killz is available nationally through a network of distributors and online retailers. We’re extremely proud to supply the marketplace with a product that helps keep your environment pest free while lowering toxin exposure across the U.S. We will continue to work on expanding Tick Killz into other markets around the world and also deliver new environmentally friendly products in the future.