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About Us

About Tick Killz

Natural Repellents, LLC was created in 2012 by two people who came from distinctly different work experiences. My background was 25+ years working in the Pharmaceutical industry along with a variety of entrepreneurial positions afterward. My partner spent an equal amount of time in the Landscape industry. We got together by chance and, after spending time talking about our respective backgrounds, we realized we shared a common vision; to develop and market a line of All Natural pest control products that would provide effective alternatives to the chemicals traditionally used to treat a variety of pest control needs. Once we discovered that we had a similar passion, we decided to focus our collective energies on making this vision come true.

There are many nuisance insects that Landscape professionals deal with on a regular basis however, we decided our initial focus was going to be tick and mosquito control because these are the two nuisance insects that can potentially carry and transmit a multitude of very harmful viruses to people (young and old) and pets. With the rise of dangerous tick-borne viruses like Lyme’s Disease, Powassan Virus, Babesiosis, etc., and mosquito-borne viruses like the Zika Virus, West Nile disease, etc., we felt an effective All Natural product that could control these particular insects would help prevent potentially serious health issues for people and pets.

After a year of experimenting with many different product formulations and conducting extensive internal lab and external field testing, we arrived at a final formulation. We launched our flagship brand Tick Killz, during the summer of 2013. We succeeded in achieving good trial usage in year one with excellent user feedback. In 2014, and every year since then, Tick Killz has achieved outstanding year on year growth and is now used in over 40 states in the U.S. We have many large national and regional companies that use Tick Killz for both their flea & tick and mosquito control programs with great success. There’s still a tremendous amount of growth potential with Tick Killz, so we continue to focus all of our energies and efforts behind this brand. Our hope is to launch new All Natural products in the future to help further our vision.