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I have two dogs that were getting ticks almost every time they went outside. I was told to "try Tick Killz.” I was pleasantly surprised that they have not gotten a tick and the mosquito population has been significantly reduced since using Tick Killz. I love that it’s all natural."

Organic Landscaper | Branford, CT

Great product! My lawn, in the middle of the woods in Long Island, had lots of ticks until I started using Tick Killz and then there were none."

Homeowner | Long Island, NY

Five stars. Best natural product for your fleas and ticks for sure!"


Awesome product! Excellent product and company. I will definitely be doing future business with them!"


We, here at Green Horizon Lawn & Plant Health Care, have been using Tick Killz from Natural Repellents for the past 3 years to provide tick, mosquito and nuisance insect control. We’ve used this product residentially as well as on athletic fields and playgrounds with GREAT Success!!! As an Organic-Based Lawn Care company, Tick Killz fits into our product offering perfectly, by offering 100% Natural and Organic control of insects, rather than using a synthetic product that can persist in the environment. Our clients love the fresh smell of Cedar that persists for a few days following the application. Families with children and pets love this product even more because they can literally go outside and resume use of their yard within only 30min following a treatment. Our Tick Killz client base has nearly tripled in the past 3 years, mostly from happy and satisfied clients referring us to friends and neighbors. Mark and his R&D team have created a phenomenal product we plan on using for many years to come to keep our clients happy and grow our business.
Thank you Mark!"

Director – Sales & Operations | Green Horizon Lawn & Plant Health Care, LLC.

Our family hired someone 2 years ago to provide tick and mosquito control to our property so we can enjoy the outdoors more. Our main objective was to protect our 2 Retrievers from Ticks and us from Gnats and Mosquitos. We did some research and found out about Tick Killz, a natural product derived from Cedar Oil. Since hiring the company to spray the product for us, my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only does our yard smell terrific, like freshly applied cedar mulch, but we’re now able to spend time in our backyard with the dogs (and we’re in a wooded area). Tick Killz has significantly reduced our prior problems, and we feel comfortable knowing we’re not using chemicals around the yard or the dogs. We are Tick Killz supporters for life!"

Homeowner l Rockaway, NJ

Best. Product. Ever. OMG this stuff is amazing! The fleas were really bad, and we had a lot of rain, so I treated the yard after two weeks and haven’t seen a flea since. You have a customer for as long as I own dogs! Thank you for making such a great product! Wish I could give you more than 5 stars."


We love it! Works great! Safe for pets, children, plants, birds and bees. We had a really bad time with ticks, now it’s much better. I have been telling everyone. It’s so worth it."


Worth it for the summer bugs. Yes, it really works. With summer, comes those pest beetles eating roses, small little ants and gnats. This stuff works. A little bit in water and follow the directions exactly, and those bugs are gone. I used it twice this summer and have not used it since."


Repels mosquitoes and smells good. Works very well to repel mosquitoes up to three weeks when used with a sticker agent. Some people don’t like the smell, but I thought it smelled like fresh cut wood and flowers."


Love it. So far no ticks. I take this product with me to spray campsites. Pleasant smell and the company responded quickly to a question I had about mixing the solution in small batches. It’s pricey but well worth it so far. I camp with a horse and two dogs."


So far, this is the only product we’ve found that will naturally keep fleas away. We used it after a very heavy neighborhood outbreak of fleas with great results."