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Become a Landscape Partner

Landscape Partner

As a Tick Killz Landscape Partner, you will get client referrals, gain new customers, and provide greater value to your clients.

69% of homeowners prefer environmentally friendly products and request products that protect their families and pets, according to a new study by IBM and the National Retail Federation.

At Natural Repellents, LLC, we market an ‘All Natural’ Tick & Mosquito control product called Tick Killz, which is used by homeowners across the country. When customers in your area call us looking for a local Landscape Professional to treat their yard with Tick Killz, we want to refer them to you!

Tick Killz has been tested and proven to kill ticks, mosquitoes and other pests on contact and keep pests away for up to 4 weeks without harming beneficial insects and pollinators, with a pleasant cedar scent.

Let’s collaborate today to expand your business.