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West Nile Virus and How it’s Transmitted

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus is one of the most commonly known diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. It was first discovered in 1937 and made its way to North America in 1999 for the first time. For the most part, the main method of transmission is via mosquitoes, but there are other ways for this disease to be transmitted to humans. The disease has been detected in all 48 lower states, minus Alaska and Hawaii, and an outbreak occurs almost every summer in the United States.

Other Methods of Transmission

Some of the other methods of transmission of West Nile Virus include organ transplants; blood transfusions; mother to baby during delivery, breast feeding or pregnancy; and being exposed to the disease in a laboratory.

How West Nile Virus is Not Transmitted

We’ve seen how West Nile Virus can be transmitted. Now let’s take a look at some common misconceptions and how the disease cannot be transmitted.

West Nile Virus cannot be transmitted from person to person or animal to animal via casual contact. It cannot be transmitted by consuming infected animals or birds. It also cannot be transmitted by handling dead or live infected birds. Always wear gloves when disposing of a dead bird or animal for health reasons.

Can People be Infected More Than Once?

Medical tests surrounding the West Nile Virus indicate that once a person has been infected with the disease, he or she will build up an immunity to it that should prevent them from future infections, But, over time, the immunity could diminish, leading to infection later in life. It could also diminish with future health problems that compromise the immunity of the body.

How do Mosquitoes Become Infected?

Since the most common way to get infected by the West Nile Virus is through a mosquito bite, it is appropriate to wonder how mosquitoes get infected. Mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus tend to acquire the disease by feasting on infected birds.

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