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Archive for August 2017

Zika-Carrying Mosquitos to Breed Themselves Out

An interesting project is taking place in the city of Fresno, California this summer. A tech company from the Silicon Valley took millions of machine-raised mosquitoes, put them into vans, and then released them into the city. The mosquitoes were also infected with bacteria. The entire project was encouraged by officials from Fresno County as […]

Preventing Tick and Mosquito Bites While in Your Yard

It’s that time of year where millions of people spend as much time as possible outdoors. Whether it’s to grill, swim, do yard work, play pickup games or simply soak in the sun, preventing tick and mosquito bites is usually a top goal. Below are some important tips to keep in mind when trying to […]

Common Tick Borne Diseases That Aren’t Lyme Disease

We hear a lot about ticks invading the Northeast region of the United States and how they are quick to spread Lyme Disease. However, it is important to note that ticks live in multiple U.S. regions, and that there are quite a few other tick borne diseases outside of Lyme disease that affect people of […]