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Archive for April 2017

Zika Virus Case Count in the U.S.

Even though news of the Zika virus hasn’t been as often as in previous years, there is still plenty going on with this issue in the United States. Zike has not be eradicated in the country and likely won’t be for quite some time. Here are some statistics surrounding the Zika virus and the case […]

What to do if Zika is in your Area?

The Zika virus has become a problem in the United States ever since it reappeared in the warmer climates of the Caribbean. The disease has since spread to the United States, either by mosquitoes or through people returning to the country after traveling to affected areas. Here’s what you can do if Zika is in […]

Avoid Tick Bites This Spring

The spring and summer months are fast approaching, which means tick season is back. As the weather continues to improve, you will likely head outdoors for sporting events, camping, hiking, yard work, barbeques and more. While outside you could have a tick land on your body. If you do not find the tick before it […]