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Archive for July 2018

Why Do Mosquitos Buzz?

Female mosquitos make a higher pitched sound than males. In fact, most of us never hear the male mosquito’s buzzing because it doesn’t come as close to us as the females. Female mosquitos are also larger than the males, and so their wings beat more slowly. The wing-beat speed of one of the mosquito breeds […]

Be Proactive in Preventing Tick Bites

It pays to stay safe from tick bites. Because there is no vaccine, you need to be proactive about staying safe from ticks. However, if you do find a tick in your skin, be sure it gets sent to a lab for analysis. Some of the best ways to stay safe from tick bites are […]

Water Is Necessary for Mosquito Eggs to Hatch

In addition to being born underwater and laying their eggs on the surface of water, mosquitos escape their predators by staying safe on our walls and ceilings. With their special foot pads, mosquitos are easily able to stick to both vertical and upside-down surfaces. The more rain in an area, the more mosquitos can be […]