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Preventing Ticks in the Yard

Having a big, beautiful backyard is something almost all people dream of when they begin a search for their first home. Well, having a backyard can be a problem when it is constantly invaded by ticks. Ticks carry Lyme Disease, which can affect people of all ages if not treated correctly. Take back use of your yard by following the tick prevention tips in this post.


Believe it or not, how you landscape your yard can help you prevent ticks. The first thing you need to do is clear tall brush and grass from around the house and outskirts of your lawn. Install a three-foot barrier of gravel or wood chips around play areas or patios to prevent ticks from migrating to those areas. Rake leaves often and mow the lawn as much as possible. All firewood should be stacked neatly and in a dry area so rodents ticks feed on will not be found there.

Try to keep patios, decks and playground equipment away from the edge of the yard and trees. If possible, make sure they are in the path of direct sunlight too. Get rid of trash, old furniture or other items in the yard that could be a prime hiding spot for ticks.

Tick Killz to Prevent Ticks in the Yard

You can use Tick Killz on your yard to prevent ticks. All Natural Tick Killz is made with 100% organic ingredients, which will effectively kills ticks, mosquitos fleas, and other nuisance insects on contact. In addition, Tick Killz provides on average a four week residual repellent benefit after each application. It is safe to use around children, adults, pets, and the environment as it is 25b exempt and has no EPA pesticide.

Contact the experienced staff at Tick Killz in Denville, New Jersey today to discuss your tick problems.