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Advice for People in Brownsville, Texas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance back on December 14, 2016 for people wishing to travel to Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is located in the county of Cameron. The first case of the mosquito-borne Zika virus local to Brownsville, Texas was discovered on November 28, 2016. Additional cases of the virus borne by mosquitoes in Brownsville have occurred since then, which suggests that there could be a risk of Zika spreading in the area.

Postpone Travel to Brownsville

It is recommended by the CDC that pregnant woman, or women who are planning on becoming pregnant, postpone travel to Brownsville, Texas. The spread of the Zika virus has been confirmed in Brownsville, but there is no evidence of a widespread outbreak yet.

Prevention Methods

If pregnant women, or women planning to become pregnant, must travel to Brownsville, or live in Brownsville, there are preventative measures they can take. Some of these prevention methods include the following:

  • Prevent mosquito bites by wearing bug repellent, covering the skin and staying indoors during prime feeding times (dawn and dusk).
  • Condoms should be used each time the pregnant woman has sex with her partner while in Brownsville, or abstain from sex during the pregnancy.
  • Install bug screens on doors and windows where you live or are staying in Brownsville.
  • Use air conditioning during your visit to Brownsville whenever possible.
  • Dumb all items outside around your home or place you’re staying often so water does not pool.

Get Tested

Any pregnant woman or women planning to get pregnant who traveled to or live in Brownsville, Texas should get tested for the Zika virus if they had unprotected sex.

  • Pregnant women who exhibit symptoms of the Zika virus should get tested.
  • Pregnant women who do not exhibit the symptoms of the Zika virus, but have ongoing risk for exposure to Brownsville should seek consultation with their physician.
  • Pregnant women with limited exposure to Brownsville and no Zika virus symptoms should be tested for the virus if they had unprotected sex with a person who lives in or has traveled to Brownsville.

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