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Avoid Tick Bites This Spring

The spring and summer months are fast approaching, which means tick season is back. As the weather continues to improve, you will likely head outdoors for sporting events, camping, hiking, yard work, barbeques and more. While outside you could have a tick land on your body. If you do not find the tick before it embeds in your skin, you could get bitten and develop Lyme disease. Here are some tips to avoid tick bites this spring.

Enjoy the Sun
The longer you stay in the sun, the less likely it is for a tick to land on your body. Ticks cannot survive lengthy time in the sun because they need moisture. They are most commonly found in leaf piles and shrubs that are shaded from the sun.

Check the Pups
Check the pups prior to coming inside from a day outdoors. Even though most ticks that attach to dogs do not carry disease that can sicken humans, it is still a good idea to check your dog prior to coming inside. Rub the dog’s body to feel for ticks and even hose them down to wash the ticks off the body.

Cover the Body
When headed outdoors for an evening walk or to play in the backyard, cover the body as much as you can. Tuck your pants into your socks, wear long sleeves and keep as much skin covered as possible. This will help prevent ticks from landing on your body and embedding themselves in your skin.

Inspect Your Body
The minute you come in from an outdoor adventure, especially if you were in an area where ticks are found, you should hit the shower. A shower will help you find any ticks on your body. Inspect your body thoroughly when you get in the shower, especially in areas where you sweat a lot, such as the armpits and crotch. The heat and moisture of those areas will attract ticks.

Fix Landscaping in the Yard
By simply fixing the landscaping in your yard you can avoid tick bites this spring. Remove all leaf piles and brush from around the home. If you have a playset in the yard, make sure it is in the sun and not the shade. Consider putting a barrier of wood chips around the property line of the home to prevent ticks from coming into your yard. Use Tick Killz to protect your yard from ticks.

Contact the staff at Tick Killz today to learn more about preventing tick bites this spring in New Jersey.