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What to do if Zika is in your Area?

The Zika virus has become a problem in the United States ever since it reappeared in the warmer climates of the Caribbean. The disease has since spread to the United States, either by mosquitoes or through people returning to the country after traveling to affected areas. Here’s what you can do if Zika is in your area.

Prevent Bites from Mosquitoes

One of the most important things you can do is prevent bites from mosquitoes. This can be done by wearing long, form-fitting clothing. Tuck the bottoms of your pants into your socks and wear long sleeves. Wear a hat and use bug spray as much as possible. Only put the bug spray on exposed areas of your body. If the majority of your extremities are covered, you can apply the spray to your face and ears.

Discuss Pregnancy Planning with Doctor

If you live in an area with Zika and have discussed getting pregnant with your spouse, take it one step further and discuss a pregnancy plan with your doctor. Both spouses should discuss the pregnancy plan with the doctor, who can inform the couple how to prevent the contraction of Zika during sex or during the pregnancy.

Get Tested

If you are already pregnant and either live in, travel to or are moving to an area affected by Zika, you should get tested for the virus immediately. The testing should be done even if you do not exhibit any of the signs or symptoms of the Zika virus. The risk of contracting the Zika virus during pregnancy is greater if you live in an area that has the virus.

Prevent Zika During Sex

If you live in an area affected by Zika, you can prevent the contraction of the virus during sex. This is done by wearing condoms during sex, including through completion. Condoms should be worn during anal, vaginal and oral sex as well as when any sex toys are used. Zika can be transmitted by an infected prior to their symptoms showing, while the symptoms show and after the symptoms stop showing.

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