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Zika Virus Case Count in the U.S.

Even though news of the Zika virus hasn’t been as often as in previous years, there is still plenty going on with this issue in the United States. Zike has not be eradicated in the country and likely won’t be for quite some time. Here are some statistics surrounding the Zika virus and the case count in the US.


The reporting of Zika virus cases in the United States is done by local, territorial, and state health departments. The reports are sent to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Because of the number of cases, the Zika virus is now a nationally identifiable disease in the country. When reports of Zika are submitted to the CDC they are done so using standard case definitions.

US Case Count

The Zika virus case count for the United States is based on reports made to the CDC from January 1, 2015 to April 5, 2017 and the count is divided into two categories: United States case counts and United States Territories case counts.

United States Zika Case Count

In the timeframe listed above there have been 5,197 Zika cases reported in the United States. Of those cases, 4,901 occurred in people who returned from the country after traveling to an affected area. There were 222 cases acquired through transmission from local-borne mosquitoes in Florida (216) and Texas (6). There were 74 cases acquired through transmission from other means, such as sexual intercourse (45), congenital infection (27), laboratory (1) and person-to-person through unknown transport (1).

United States Territories Zika Case Count

In the timeframe listed above there have been 36,504 Zika cases reported in United States territories. Only 143 of the cases occurred from travelers returning from affected areas. The remaining 36,361 cases reported came from local mosquito-borne transmission. No other cases were reported from other means of transmission. Sexual transmission of the Zika virus is not possible to report in United States territories due to local transmission of the virus.

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