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Preventing Tick and Mosquito Bites While in Your Yard

It’s that time of year where millions of people spend as much time as possible outdoors. Whether it’s to grill, swim, do yard work, play pickup games or simply soak in the sun, preventing tick and mosquito bites is usually a top goal. Below are some important tips to keep in mind when trying to prevent tick and mosquito bites while in your yard.

Wear the Right Clothing

It’s understandable that you won’t want to be outside in long clothing, especially when it’s incredibly hot and humid, but it’s a great tip to follow when you want to prevent tick and mosquito bites. Clothes should cover as much of your skin as possible, including the hot spots such as behind the knees and under the arms. If you are an avid gardener, or spend a good amount of time doing yard work, the proper clothing will truly help you prevent bites.

Use Bug Spray

Bug spray works. Keep a bottle on hand when planning outdoor activities to spray on your skin and even your clothes. Bugs don’t like the smell of the repellent, which keeps them away from your person. Make sure you reapply every hour or so or whenever you get out of the pool after a swim.

Remove Standing Water

Your yard is a breeding ground for not only ticks and mosquitoes, but many other types of pests as well. You can control the population on your property by removing standing water. Standing water builds up after storms or when you run your sprinklers. Make sure all flower pots drain properly and that there are no other items on your property that can collect water. Water helps insects, especially mosquitoes, breed.

Keep Grass Short

If you take pride in your lawn, it’s likely that you will keep it cut short most of the season. The longer you let your grass grow, the more likely it is that ticks and mosquitoes will be present. Don’t let too much time go between cuts so that insects don’t have the opportunity to breed in your yard.

Check for Ticks

After you spend time outdoors, even for just a few minutes, be sure to check yourself for ticks. Go into the bathroom and check all the hotspots on the body. The hotspots include behind the knees, under the arms, the neck, behind the ears, the scalp and the groin. Be sure to check all members of your family after being outdoors, especially your children, who might not know how to check themselves.

Take a Hot Shower

After you check yourself for ticks, take a hot shower. The hot shower will help make present or wash off any ticks you may have missed while doing a full body check.

Tick Killz is an all-natural insecticide that is safe to spray in your yard when trying to control ticks and mosquitoes this season. Remember that the bug season does not end when summer ends. Find a retailer near you that offers Tick Killz products for your insect control needs.