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The End of Summer Does Not Mean the End of Mosquitoes

The End of Summer Does Not Mean the End of Mosquitoes

Even though the summer season is quickly coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that the mosquitoes will disappear. Labor Day is now in our rear-view mirror, but the summer season will hang around until the 21st of September. When the seasons change from summer to fall, mosquitoes will continue flying around looking for something to bite. Read more to find out when and why you will continue to see mosquitos in your area.

Breeding Season Continues

Many people believe that mosquitoes will stop bothering them during the fall while they are out enjoying their favorite outdoor activities. This is a common misconception about the insect as the fall is still breeding season for mosquitoes. The breeding season for mosquitoes in the Northeast region includes the summer and fall months, ending sometime in October. Even though breeding is heavier in the summer months, unfortunately, there is still enough activity for breeding to occur in the fall as well.

Mosquitoes Thrive in Cool Weather

Mosquitoes actually thrive in cool weather. This might seem hard to believe since they are so active in the heat and humidity of the summer, but they truly do thrive in the cooler temperatures. Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects, which means they will not die off or hibernate until temperatures routinely hit 50 degrees or cooler.

The early months of fall will help them feel at home because the temperatures are cool, but not cold enough to get rid of them. Because temperatures can often be brisk in the fall, mosquitoes tend to be more active in the daytime than in the evening, which means you will be able to enjoy those crisp fall nights outdoors.

Winter Preparation

Mosquitoes are just like bears and other animals that hibernate, spending the fall months preparing for the winter season. The mosquitoes will do different things to prepare for winter depending on their species and whether or not they can survive the winter months.

There are some mosquitoes that will lay eggs able to survive the winter months and then hatch once the temperatures begin to rise and the spring rain starts. Females from other species will mate and then hibernate in warm locations, such as under houses or logs. This hibernation is known as diapause. They will then come out when the temperatures rise and lay their eggs.

The End of Biting

The end of biting by mosquitoes will hit when the very cold temperatures arrive in your area. Even though some mosquitoes will be able to survive the brutal cold winter, they will not be an issue in your daily life. For the most part, the first frost will be the time when you stop seeing mosquitoes flying around looking for a meal.

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