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Winter Solutions for Pest Control Around Your Home

Winter Solutions for Pest Control Around Your Home

While it seems that pests and bugs tend to disappear during the winter, there a several kinds that remain active and can survive the cold by hiding out in dens, burrows, and other warm spaces. These warm spaces can include somewhere in your home, as some pests seek out shelter from the cold outdoors and often find it in the form of a warm house. Don’t let your guard down for unwanted intruders in your home this winter. Here are a few tips to keep your home your own during the cold winter months.

  • Close Off Access Holes – Several species of ants, spiders, flies, and roaches can be commonly seen inside homes during the winter months as they come to seek out warmer areas. A good way to reduce or prevent entry by these pests is by closing off their ability to physically access the home. Use caulk or spackle to seal holes on the outside of your house. Replace the weather stripping around windows and doors to ensure a tight, pest-proof seal. Be sure to check walls, cabinet interiors, and baseboards for any cracks or crevices that might need sealing.
  • Relocate Natural Resources – It’s common for homeowners to have piles of mulch, leaves, or firewood outside their homes, especially to keep the fire going during the cold winter months. However, these piles are the perfect breeding ground for pests, as they provide an enclosed and insulated area where they can survive in the cold. Either entirely eliminate waste piles, such as leaves and yard debris, or move the necessary resources to an area far from your home so insects don’t have easy access to relocate within the walls of your house.
  • Use All Natural Products – For those looking to stay chemical free, Tick Killz is an all-natural spray you can use on your yard to keep pests away from the perimeter of your home. Using an effective pest control that acts long after you spray to kill bugs as they attempt to cross over from the outside to the inside, will provide an extra layer of defense for your home. Plus, you will have the comfort of knowing your family and pets are safe from harmful chemicals. Be sure to reapply the spray as instructed to ensure its lasting effectiveness.
  • Eliminate Moisture – Moisture sites, such as leaking pipes or clogged drains in kitchens and bathrooms, can be particularly vulnerable to cockroach and other pest infestations. Be sure to stay on top of fixing or preventing unwanted moisture in your home as another preventative measure against an infestation.

The winter months bring enough worry to your life with extreme snowfall, ice accumulation, home damage from wind and frost, and freezing temperatures. Make sure pest infestation is off your list of concerns with a well thought out plan to prevent and eliminate active winter pests from entering your home.

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