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Simple Ways to Insect-Proof Your Yard

Simple Ways to Insect-Proof Your Yard

A well-maintained yard can be ruined by an insect infestation and backyard activities can easily become much less pleasant with these unwanted visitors. Not only are backyard pests a nuisance, but bugs like mosquitoes and ticks can carry harmful diseases that put the health of you and your family in jeopardy. Here’s a few simple ways to keep your yard pest-free without the use of toxic pesticides.

Yard Maintenance

A well-maintained yard can go a long way in keeping unwanted pests off your property. Debris, clutter, and pooled water, among other things, provide a haven for pests to thrive. Here’s a list of some things you can do to keep an organized yard:

  • Remove debris and clutter from your yard, such as woodpiles, leaves, lawn clippings, stumps, furniture, or anything that can collect water, which can stagnate
  • Regularly mow, edge, and trim weeds and hedges, as many pests use the cover of vegetation to hide
  • Trim branches, tall grass, and shrubs to expose your lawn to as much sunlight as possible, as direct sunlight can be effective at deterring certain bugs
  • Bag lawn mower clippings and dispose of them rather than dispersing them onto your yard
  • Fix any leaking faucets, hoses, or sprinklers to prevent leaking water that can ultimately pool
  • Cover trash cans and regularly remove trash

Non-Toxic Pesticides

While pesticides provide a direct defense against pests, traditional pesticides can have harmful side effects on your yard, pets, and family. Use an all-natural pesticide like Tick Killz to treat the entirety of your property, paying special attention to the perimeter to prevent bugs from re-entering your property. Be sure to spray your entire lawn in one session to prevent migration, and don’t forget the hedges, flower gardens, tree bases, and anywhere else bugs might be hiding.

Keep Out Wild Animals

Wild animals are one of the main methods that bugs are brought into your yard. Some of the tips listed above in the yard maintenance section are good preventative measures to keep out animals as well, such as keeping trash cans covered, as rodents and raccoons can be attracted to their contents. Use a protective chicken wire fencing to surround gardens with plants that attract animals, or even consider installing plants that repel animals; for example, deer that can bring ticks into your yard are repelled by plants such as sage, holly, chives, iris, lilac, and more.

Protect Your Pets

Pets, like wild animals, are just as susceptible to ticks and fleas, and can bring them in from other locations into your yard. Before and after going on walks and hikes through wooded areas or any area with overgrown plants, be sure to take the necessary measures to give your pet any topical or oral tick or flea deterrent.

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