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Go Green: All Natural Pest Control Options

Go Green: All Natural Pest Control Options

When it comes to pest control, there are a number of options on the market that offer you solutions to your pest problem. However, a large percentage of these options give you a toxic pesticide that can be harmful not just to the bugs they are intended to target but also to you and your family. Toxic pesticides can cause residual effects on humans and pets in the form of a range of physical and neurological symptoms. Toxic pesticides can also cause harm to the environment, as they are chemical solutions with active and inert ingredients that would serve as a dangerous pollutant when contaminating any water sources or natural environments. Fortunately, for those conscious about health and the environment, there are several “green” pest control options that can prevent or eliminate pests in a safer way.


Exclusion is the most basic method of pest control, and should always serve as your first preventative measure of defense against an infestation. Exclusion simply means sealing off all cracks and entry points into your home where pests could potentially get in. Common entry points that can be easily sealed are cracks in window openings, beneath doors, and around the foundation of your house.

Less common but still viable entry points for pests include dryer vents, kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans, and holes where cable or internet wiring enters, to name a few. Several of these potential sites for exclusion can be done on your own, such as adding weather stripping under windows or door sweeps under doors. For spots that are not easily accessible or are time consuming or cost prohibitive, pest control services often offer exclusion services where they will seal off any areas of the house that you either don’t discover or cannot access yourself.


For certain types of pests, most commonly bed bugs, heat treatment systems can be used as an effective method for eliminating the pests without the use of harmful chemicals. Bed bug heat treatment simply involves raising the temperature in the infested room to a point where the bed bugs can no longer survive. This is often even more effective than chemical treatments as bed bugs can build up an immunity over time in some cases. In addition to the effectiveness, you won’t have to deal with days or weeks of caution from a large-scale chemical treatment inside your home; you’ll be able to return worry-free right after the procedure is completed.

All-Natural Pesticide

In some cases, you must resort to some form of pesticide when dealing with you pest problem. Rather than choosing a toxic solution that can harm your family, pets, or non-nuisance insects like bees, choose a 100% all-natural, organic pest control solution like Tick Killz. Tick Killz is 25b exempt, which mean it has no EPA pesticide registration number and therefore is safe to use around adults, children, pets, and the environment. You can confidently use Tick Killz to deal with your pest problem knowing it’s a green solution that will keep you and your family safe.

Our mission is to provide a highly effective and environmentally friendly pest killer that only targets nuisance insects like ticks and mosquitoes to protect your family and property. Click here to find Tick Killz at a retailer online or near you.