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How Long Do Mosquito Eggs Last?

Mosquito eggs hatch in water and then go through several stages before becoming adults. Eggs become larvae; larvae become pupae; and pupae become adults. It is astounding how long mosquito eggs can last. They usually hatch in one to three days, depending on the temperature. However, eggs undisturbed on top of damp soil can last for up to a year before hatching, staying until water moves over the ground again. When mosquito eggs hatch, the mosquito larvae come out and the stages move quickly into full-blown adult mosquitos.

The ideal place for mosquitos to lay their eggs is on stagnant water. The female mosquitos average up to 1,000 eggs each during a lifespan of 7 to 10 days. The amazing part: These eggs can remain dormant for 10-15 years throughout all four seasons and not hatch until the summer under ideal conditions. While female mosquitos are able to fly for miles and lay 100 eggs at a time, their larvae and pupae can’t survive without water.

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