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What Is the Lifespan of a Mosquito?

Blog 2_18_04

Some adult mosquitoes live for just a few days while others have a lifespan that extends to several months. Depending on the species, some mosquitoes only live in the summer while their eggs survive winter and hatch in the spring. Thus far, mosquitoes have survived many threats throughout their histories, including being eaten by predators like spiders and birds, getting killed by pesticides, or being zapped by humans.

Once their eggs hatch in the spring, the male mosquitoes live on nectar and other foods as they don’t require blood the way the females do. The males live up to a week, just long enough to mate with females, whose lifespan is as long as several months. Once the males find their mates (by listening for the beat of a female’s wings), their jobs are done. The female mosquito lives longer than the male and tends to mate only once during its lifetime. She lays eggs on an average of every 3 days. However, a female’s lifespan also depends on how warm and wet her environment is.

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