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Why Do Mosquitos Buzz?

midge on hand of the person

Mosquitos buzz near your ears because they are looking for a place to land. The closer they are to your ears, the louder the sounds of their buzzes. The sound of buzzing from mosquitos is made by the beating of their wings. Both male and female mosquitos make the buzzing sounds; however, only the males don’t bite. Male mosquitos don’t come near your ears because they eat nectar and don’t drink your blood like the females do. In addition, according to science, the buzz of mosquitos is also a way to help them find the right mates.

Female mosquitos make a higher pitched sound than males. In fact, most of us never hear the male mosquito’s buzzing because it doesn’t come as close to us as the females. Female mosquitos are also larger than the males, and so their wings beat more slowly. The wing-beat speed of one of the mosquito breeds is nearly 800 beats per second, which is many times faster than insects of the same size.

One good thing about the mosquito buzz is that it lets you know when one is near and close enough to bite you. At that point, you can move or find the appropriate way to swat the mosquito away from your body. You can rest easy with the safe mosquito control from Tick Killz.