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How to Control Mosquitos Outside Your Home

close-up of mosquitoes mosquitoes eat drink blood

Summer is the time for outdoor activities and the expectation of fun. That’s why you don’t want your barbeques and Frisbee games to be bombed by a yard full of mosquitoes. The following are some of the most effective things you can do to reduce mosquitoes in your yard while making time outdoors more enjoyable:

  • Remove standing water: Standing water is the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Once a week, dump out and scrub, turn upside down, cover, and throw out any items that hold water. Be sure to eliminate water in such items as tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, and garbage cans.
  • Use a safe mosquito control product: Check out the safe tick and mosquito products from Tick Killz when you want to reduce the number of mosquitos and keep your family, friends, and pets free from harmful toxins.
  • Repair septic tanks: Repair cracks, gaps, and cover openings on your home’s septic tanks, as well as its vents and plumbing pipes. Use wire mesh with holes small enough to keep out an adult mosquito.
  • Keep containers clean: Be sure to replace the water in buckets, pet water bowls, vases and bird baths, on a regular basis.
  • Fix leaky outdoor pipes and faucets: Water is what attracts mosquitos and makes it easy for them to breed effectively. So, be sure to check for leaks and fix them as soon as possible.