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The Spreading of Ticks

All Natural Tick and Mosquito Control

The tick population is growing exponentially in fields, woods, and yards around the country. There are a number of opinions on what is contributing to this outburst of ticks, but no one thing is the culprit in what continues to be a health hazard to our families and pets. Some of the speculations on the increasing tick population include the following contributing factors:

Changing Climate: As temperatures get warmer and the weather patterns become less predictable ticks are showing up in places that were once considered to be too cold for them to survive. With winter days and nights are over 40 degrees ticks are surviving and multiplying.

Bird Flight Patterns: Now that birds are migrating to new warm areas they are carrying the ticks that attach themselves to the birds. So, ticks can wind up in many new places.

Neighborhood Spreading: As new neighborhoods are built out of areas that used to be forests and woods, wildlife begins to appear in the new areas. Wherever wildlife migrates, they are bringing the attached ticks along with them.

Increased Number of Deer: The more deer that are around your property, the more ticks that will be around as well. Ticks feed on deer.

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