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Do All Natural Sprays Really Work Against Ticks and Mosquitoes?

Do All Natural Sprays Really Work Against Ticks and Mosquitoes

We can’t attest to the performance of every All Natural spray on the market today, but we can tell you about ours and the results we’ve seen. You can then potentially use this information to judge the effectiveness of other products.

We can tell you why we prefer an All Natural solution to chemical based alternatives. Let’s start with what’s inside TickKillz™ so you understand the product a bit better.

100% All Natural Ingredients

55.4% of TickKillz™ consists of All Natural active ingredients. These are the ingredients that have a direct impact on the insects we are targeting which are ticks, mosquitoes and other small nuisance insects. When used as directed, TickKillz™ will not harm other beneficial insects such as butterflies or honeybees because the level of exposure they receive, while harmful to much smaller insects, is not hazardous to them.

There are three natural active ingredients in our product.

1.       Cedarwood Oil

An essential oil derived from the foliage, and sometimes the woods and roots, of various types of conifers mostly in the pine or cypress botanical families.

2.     2-Phenethyl Propionate

This is the ester of phenethyl alcohol and propionic acid and is derived from food sources like guava.

3.      Peppermint Oil

Our last active ingredient is derived from peppermint, a hybrid mint that’s a cross between water mint and spearmint.

44.6 % of TickKillz™ is comprised of natural inert ingredients, which are not at all harmful, and are used to bind the active ingredients together.

4.     Ethyl Lactate

Also known as lactic acid ethyl ester, this ingredient is found naturally in small quantities in a wide variety of foods including wine, chicken and various fruits. Because ethyl lactate is easily biodegradable, it is a GREEN solvent.

How Effective are All Natural Tick and Mosquito Repellents?

When applied as directed, which is a mixture of 1 ounce of TickKillz™ liquid concentrate for every 5 gallons of water, the recommended application rate is one Ready to Use (RTU) gallon per 1,000 square feet.

During lab testing, TickKillz™ applied at that rate was observed to kill deer ticks, dog ticks and brown ticks in as quickly as 18 minutes, and all were dead within two hours.

Furthermore, five different sites were field tested in towns in Connecticut with exceedingly high tick populations. Tick drags were performed to measure the pre-existing tick population. 30 days later the areas treated with TickKillz™ were dragged again, and upon measurement it was determined that the tick population was reduced by 92%.

Tick Killz Mosquito Efficacy Study

Lastly, Snell Scientifics conducted testing with mosquitoes in Meansville, Georgia. They conducted four different tests spraying Aedes mosquitoes with a ready-to-use application of TickKillz™ from a distance of 12 inches. Within 30 minutes more than 60% of the mosquitoes were knocked down and unable to fly or bite. Within 24 hours 87.5% of them were knocked down, and after two days 100% were unable to fly or bite.

The Dangers of Chemical Based Pesticides

The chemicals used in pesticides are potentially hazardous. They can potentially poison the land, water and air. When ingested, breathed in through the mouth or nose, or absorbed through the skin, they are also harmful to people and animals. When not applied properly, these products can cause immediate harm and even death. Also alarming is growing evidence of the long-term effect even appropriate use in relatively low doses has on people, animals and the environment.

If you choose to use a chemical based pesticide, it’s important to read the labels carefully so you fully understand the risks. Follow the application guidelines strictly and take all warnings seriously.

The Bottom Line

We have to make tough choices about what we expose ourselves and our loved ones to daily. In addition to pesticides, this also includes chemical expose in our food, medicines, daily activities and more.

TickKillz™ offers an All Natural highly effective alternative for pest control. It is 100% natural, and therefore safe for your children, pets and the environment. To learn more about TickKillz™, visit or contact your local lawn care or pest control professional.