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Section 25(b) Exempt Products:

Tick Killz Professionals Page

What they mean for Landscape Professionals, Pest Control Professionals and Consumers?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently requires all chemical-based pesticides to be registered under its Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). This Act was created to regulate and monitor the use of all chemical-based pesticide products.

The 25(b) Exempt classification was created under FIFRA to identify those products, which the EPA considers to be of ‘minimal risk’, which are not required to be registered. Tick Killz is a 25(b) Exempt Product, as it complies with EPA Regulations for 25(b) exempt pesticide

Here are a few conditions that need to be met to be considered a 25(b) Exempt Product:

  • All of the Active and Inert ingredients for every product must be found on the EPA’s approved list of Active & Inert 25(b) exempt ingredients.
  • All ingredients, both Active and Inert, must be clearly identified.
  • All ingredients must also be listed separately by label display name, with percentages (by weight) to the total product formulation. The total of all ingredients must equal 100%.
  • The label can not include any false or misleading statements.

What does that mean to Landscape Professionals, Pest Control Professionals and the Consumer:

  • Because Tick Killz is an All Natural, essential oil-based 25(b) exempt product, it’s considered minimum risk to human and environmental health.
  • Professionals can use this highly effective product to control an assortment of nuisance insects in a safer, greener way.
  • The Tick Killz label is monitored by the EPA, and all states across the country where the product is sold, to insure it contains no false or misleading information.

At Natural Repellents, LLC (makers of Tick Killz), we are committed to providing safe, natural products that effectively control ticks, mosquitos and many other nuisance insects. We’re proud to be 25(b) exempt, helping provide you with natural pest control solutions.