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Where Are Ticks Usually Found?

Where Are Ticks Usually Found?

While there are many kinds of ticks that are present throughout the United States, only a few types of them are regular pests for people and pets. Your geographic location dictates the kinds of ticks that you may encounter, as well as the local ecology, the season, and your activities. There are some ticks that […]

Do Deer Spread Tick Diseases?

The black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick, does not always cause Lyme disease. In fact, the odds of getting Lyme disease from an individual deer tick bite are quite low. It’s been reported that even in tick-ridden areas, less than five percent of bites result in an infection. In addition, you will not […]

How to Identify Ticks

There are hundreds of species of ticks, which are small brown or black insects in the same class as spiders and other 8-legged pests. Most of this species are hardly bigger than a pin head or a poppy seed, and they feed entirely on blood to grow. They latch on to animals like deer, mice, […]

Do Ticks Have a Natural Predator?

Birds host ticks in the immature stages of larvae and nymphs. They attach near a bird’s eyes, ears, and foreheads—places where they can’t be reached by a beak. Ticks have been found on the faces of birds and in their feathers. The tick parasite sucks blood out of the bird just as it does on […]