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What Time of Day Are Mosquitos Most Active?

What Time of Day Are Mosquitos Most Active?

  Dusk, that time in the evening after sunset and just before night, is when many species of mosquitos are most active. Others are more active during the day. With more than 150 kinds of mosquitos in the country, it’s not entirely possible to declare the exact timing of their habits. However, for most species […]

When Is Mosquito Season?

Mosquitos need temperatures above 50°F to be comfortable; they thrive in hot weather. As temperatures rise in the summer, the mosquito population is at its peak. Because they are cold-blooded pests, they hibernate in the winter. That’s when the adult females of some species find holes to hide in until the weather gets warmer. Other […]

The Spreading of Ticks

The tick population is growing exponentially in fields, woods, and yards around the country. There are a number of opinions on what is contributing to this outburst of ticks, but no one thing is the culprit in what continues to be a health hazard to our families and pets. Some of the speculations on the […]

Plants as Natural Mosquito Repellants

If you dread summer because of mosquitos it might be a good time to get your gardening game on. Certain kinds of flowers and plants are natural mosquito repellents, so they beautify your property at the same time they tamp down the mosquito population. Enjoy the outdoors as you deter these blood-sucking pests with plants […]

How Long Do Mosquito Eggs Last?

Mosquito eggs hatch in water and then go through several stages before becoming adults. Eggs become larvae; larvae become pupae; and pupae become adults. It is astounding how long mosquito eggs can last. They usually hatch in one to three days, depending on the temperature. However, eggs undisturbed on top of damp soil can last […]